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the mathom box
a genfic archive
MBAME Entry #2: Cautious Smile (Black Cat, G) 
20th-May-2007 09:50 pm
edward vi is love!
Your username: bowsergal
Title: Cautious Smile
Rating: G
Genre(s): slight(maybe?) angst.
Character(s): Sephira Arks
Summary: Sephira both looks out over the city and in, towards herself.

-Cautious Smile-

The chill air blew in through the open balcony window, making the cream-colored curtains flutter, like forgotten ghosts on a faraway moor, lonely and sad. Pushing past the French doors inlaid with glass, a tall, imposing woman leant over the black steel railing. Her blonde hair lifted into the night wind, looming around her expressionless face. Sephira sighed, strong fingers twisting on the rail, nails tapping on the cool metal. It had been a long day.

Of course, all of her days were long, but this one particularly so, and it put her in a peculiar, tired mindset. Fierce, powerful, the woman hadn't fought --physically, at least--, but even paperwork and planning for the Chronos Numbers was ridiculously exhaustive. She was the sole negotiator between the Numbers and the Elders, and had even dared to disagree with the aforementioned Elders --challenged them-- and managed to convince the three men to change their plans. The decision to comply with her demands pleased Arks, but she knew, somewhere deep inside, the detail was minor and they gave in like a parent to a child, because, ultimately, it was unimportant.

Sephira had dedicated herself to the organization. She'd given up all that made her human, all her morals, all her goals, to better please the Elders. The perfect weapon, the most skilled assassin, and the very noblest of ambassadors, that was all she'd become; Sephira didn't have a self anymore. An overwhelming sense of justice and authority, with a strong sword arm -- that was Sephira.

Only in her private moments could she ever relax, enjoying quiet, peaceful pastimes, in contrast to her turbulent occupation. When Sephira was alone, not on-edge as the rest of her life demanded, she could bask in the calm. Every once in a while, she could even be happy.

Her cellphone rang, the tinny jingle snapping the woman out of her reverie. The smile she'd been nursing evaporated. Just like that, her peace was gone. But Sephira had to sacrifice herself. It was for the good of Chronos, and thus, the world. The ends justify the means.



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