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the mathom box

a genfic archive

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. . . T H E M A T H O M B O X . . .

Welcome to The Mathom Box, a genfic archive. Here you will find quality fanfic from a multitude of fandoms, from anime and manga to books and movies. Check the interests for a full list of what sorts of series you can expect.

All the fanfic here is gen, which means that there are no romantic pairings involved, or at least that they are kept very subtle and are not the main focus of the story. In this particular archive, no slash (m/m or f/f) pairings are allowed at all. Everything is kept within a G/K - R/M rating, and any warnings (for language, violence, etc.) are clearly marked.

I've tried to make browsing simple by creating tags for every rating, genre, series, and type (i.e., anime, movie, etc.). The tags list can be found HERE or in the sidebar.

. . . W H E N P O S T I N G . . .

Please, please feel more than welcome to post a fic or a rec! Just keep in mind that I, the mod, reserve the right to delete anything posted if it does not conform to the rules. When posting a fanfic, you can either link it or actually post it here beneath the cut - either is fine. I do ask that you use the following format for each story, though:

Title ::
Series ::
Author ::
Rating ::
Genre(s) ::
Summary ::

You needn't worry about tags, as I will go through and keep things organized. ^^

If you are posting a recommendation, whether of an author or a fic, I have two requirements that I ask you to follow:

>>> Your fanfic rec must not be SLASH (i.e., BL, yaoi, shounen-ai, shoujo-ai, yuri) or SMUT (anything higher than a PG13/T except for language or violence). If rec'ing an author, I don't mind if s/he has written one or both of those types of fanfic, so long as s/he's written at least one fic that is gen or family-friendly as well.

>>> Your rec must be for one of the fandoms or genres listed in my interests. Sorry, but I want to be familiar with a series before I add it to the archive. And again, if you are rec'ing an author I don't mind if s/he's written fanfic for other fandoms not listed, just as long as s/he's written at least one for a fandom that is listed.

. . . L I N K S & A F F I L I A T E S . . .

:: My Anime/Manga Fanfic. Everything posted here, plus a couple stray het fics.
:: My LotR Fanfic. Mostly Frodo- hobbit-centered, all of it is gen and most of it is fluff. *g*
:: Creative Genius. A spectacular anime/manga and original genfic archive, just getting started. It's run by the extremely talented arahyacinth, so check it out!

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pmkfan_suite ; bk_iroha ; tenth_fic

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. . . D I S C L A I M E R . . .

All recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their original creators, and no money is being made from any of these fanworks. No copyright infringement is intended.

. . . C R E D I T . . .

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