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Fic Rec Request [multifandom] 
24th-Jul-2007 01:07 am
edward vi is love!
*pokes comm*

...Hrm, possibly I should make more of an effort to update this place more often than every couple of months??

Anyway, I am alive, for those who were wondering, just totally caught up in preparing for college in the fall. (ACK! 19 DAYS TO MOVE-IN!!!) Not quite ready to fully return to LJ just yet, but I would at least like to revive this place. And conveniently enough, I find myself in dire need of good genfic to read, so I have a legitimate request!

I am looking for good GEN fanfic of several different series, and as I'm so picky and short on time these days, I haven't even bothered trying to wade through all the rubbish on ff.net. But if anyone has a rec or two for even ONE of these requests I would be eternally grateful!! So here are the series and particulars I'm looking for:

+ Fullmetal Alchemist - preferably Roy-centric with Ed, Hughes and/or Havoc thrown in. I just finished reading a marvelous trilogy involving MUCH Roy torture and Roy-Ed gen bonding, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find anything else even close lately. (doomcake, I forget, are you strictly Ed-whumpage? I haven't checked your stuff recently.)

+ Harry Potter - ANY good Remus Lupin-centric fics, preferably Marauder-era since I don't think I could bear reading anything post-book 5 (ESPECIALLY after book 7 ;_;). Sirius Black as a main character would be an added bonus, but some Remus-Harry bonding would be nice too, if any such fic exists.

+ Saiyuki - now that I'm bereft of GreyLily's amazing Keeping Face (and since nimblnymph's Dysphoria has long periods between updates), I haven't been able to find any good Sanzo-centric, well-written, in-character fic. I'm dying! I don't care what timeline or what other characters co-star (although if there is any good gen Sanzo-Hazel fic out there, I wanna know about it!!), as long as Sanzo can reasonably be called the leading character.

That's all I can think of for now. Again, if anyone has even one fic (preferably a longish one, since I'm seriously dying of fic-deprivation and want to enjoy any I find as long as possible) I will be undyingly appreciative.

Hope everyone's having an awesome summer!
24th-Jul-2007 07:48 am (UTC)
>_> No, technically, I'm not strictly Ed-whumpage. I also do Roy-whumpage, but that hasn't exactly been posted yet. It is my plan to some day make my one and only (and very neglected) multi-chapter fic into a plotsier gen fic with more plot than whumpage, if I'm able. Eventually. But that won't be for a long while, since my FMA-multi-chapter mojo is horrid. 8D;

I might be referring you to the same trilogy you mentioned reading, but have you read Jaya Mitai's "Perfect After All" trilogy? The third story is ongoing, but the first two are finished, and they are fantastic. At least, I think so. Fabulous gen plot-fic, and lots of it! (Then again, you might have already read them so in that case you can just ignore me. Hehe.) FMA is pretty slim in terms of what's available, to be honest. Especially if you're looking for gen plot-fic. Kellen writes good stuff and does a lot more Roy-centric stuff than I do, but she's kinda been scared away by the FMA fantrolls and fanbrats and hasn't been working on her ongoing FMA stuff as actively. But honestly, the FMA fandom gives me fits when I try to find decent gen stuff to read. I've even come to start reading Royai and EdWin fics (as long as it's not fluff only, because those stories bore me horribly). >_> Oh! And I haven't read it myself (yet - it's on my to-read list), Yuuki Hikari's He Who Searches For Himself is rumored to be a pretty good fic. And it's gen!

Saiyuki... Saiyuki is really hard to find gen-fic for, regardless of who you'd like it to center around. I did find - and greatly enjoy - sf's The Shadows Beyond and kanshu's Simply Love, both of which are excellent gen-fics and have a healthy dosage of Sanzo. They're more on the whumpage end of gen, though, so if you don't mind that, they're excellent reads! LoL. X-parrot also writes some good Saiyuki stuff, but sometimes she delves into shounen-ai and yaoi, so you'll have to pay some serious attention to the warnings if you want to avoid that. Her gen stuff is fantastic, though. Otherwise, I haven't really found much good gen work for Saiyuki (not that I've looked a whole lot, haha).

I haven't read the Harry Potter books in the first place, so I can't really help you with those. ^^;;

Sorry I babbled at you! I really should be sleeping at this hour instead, haha. ^^; I have work in the morning. But! I hope it helped at least a little? (And I'm reminded that I still owe this comm an exchange-fic, for which I am a horrid, horrid person. My request-fandom mojo is also horrible right now, apparently. Ack! *facepalm*) Good luck finding some awesome stuff out there and let me know when you find it, mwahaha. ♥
24th-Jul-2007 08:13 am (UTC)
Ack, and it just occurred to me that of course, you already know of Kellen's work. XDD; And that I have some more FMA gen fics that I wouldn't mind recommending. (I knew I was forgetting something!)

I personally am not a huge fan of CaptainKase, but her stuff isn't terrible. The same with Child of a Pineapple - some of her one-shots are decent. (Not my favorites, by far - especially after reading Jaya Mitai's work - but not bad.) Shadow Mage Evelyn also has a few pretty decent one-shots, mostly concerning the Roy-Ed relationship on a more parental level. Actually, all three of those authors tend to favor the parental!Roy+Ed aspect of that relationship. I'd recommend CanaryNoir's work, but her stuff is technically not gen. >_> Do you know of Vikki? I think she goes by Victoria Hughes on FFnet, but she's got more of her work posted here and at Scimitar Smile's archive. Oh, and LAXgirl's Unto the Shores of Acheron is also a good read. Mm, and the one-shot Abstention by Asidian is another good read. Hitokiri-san has a couple of good one-shots as well.

I feel like I'm just trying to come up with as many good FMA fics as I can find, haha. I do admit to a partiality to Ed-centric work (as much as I do love Roy), so I might not be as much of a help there, and I apologize for that. ^^; Eee.

Again, I'd also like to apologize for basically babbling your ears (eyes?) off - again! Really, I should just go on to bed! LoL.
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