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the mathom box
a genfic archive
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24th-Jul-2007 01:07 am - Fic Rec Request [multifandom]
edward vi is love!
*pokes comm*

...Hrm, possibly I should make more of an effort to update this place more often than every couple of months??

Anyway, I am alive, for those who were wondering, just totally caught up in preparing for college in the fall. (ACK! 19 DAYS TO MOVE-IN!!!) Not quite ready to fully return to LJ just yet, but I would at least like to revive this place. And conveniently enough, I find myself in dire need of good genfic to read, so I have a legitimate request!

I am looking for good GEN fanfic of several different series, and as I'm so picky and short on time these days, I haven't even bothered trying to wade through all the rubbish on ff.net. But if anyone has a rec or two for even ONE of these requests I would be eternally grateful!! So here are the series and particulars I'm looking for:

+ Fullmetal Alchemist - preferably Roy-centric with Ed, Hughes and/or Havoc thrown in. I just finished reading a marvelous trilogy involving MUCH Roy torture and Roy-Ed gen bonding, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find anything else even close lately. (doomcake, I forget, are you strictly Ed-whumpage? I haven't checked your stuff recently.)

+ Harry Potter - ANY good Remus Lupin-centric fics, preferably Marauder-era since I don't think I could bear reading anything post-book 5 (ESPECIALLY after book 7 ;_;). Sirius Black as a main character would be an added bonus, but some Remus-Harry bonding would be nice too, if any such fic exists.

+ Saiyuki - now that I'm bereft of GreyLily's amazing Keeping Face (and since nimblnymph's Dysphoria has long periods between updates), I haven't been able to find any good Sanzo-centric, well-written, in-character fic. I'm dying! I don't care what timeline or what other characters co-star (although if there is any good gen Sanzo-Hazel fic out there, I wanna know about it!!), as long as Sanzo can reasonably be called the leading character.

That's all I can think of for now. Again, if anyone has even one fic (preferably a longish one, since I'm seriously dying of fic-deprivation and want to enjoy any I find as long as possible) I will be undyingly appreciative.

Hope everyone's having an awesome summer!
edward vi is love!
Your username: senbongenma
Title of the work: Transformations Beyond a Butterfly's Dreams
Rating: PG13 for action
Genre(s): Angst, drama, action, adventure, romance*, fluff
Character(s): Akidzuki, Kakunojo, Sensei, OCs, historical people...
Summary: Akidzuki's voyage to the Western world not only shows him new cultures, ideas and beliefs - but also helps him to understand himself better. As he interacts with foreigners and their 'foreign' ways, memories are dredged up. Some he welcomes, some he wishes he could avoid. When he arrives back home, realizes that there is only one important truth for him.

Transformations Beyond a Butterfly's Dreams...Collapse )

* I almost didn't post this, since romance doesn't really belong in a genfic (not in large doses, anyway). However, I decided that while the romance does hold a large part of the story's attention, more is given to more general themes. So it stays, but I thought I should warn any readers who (like me) aren't big fans of romance. ^^;;

And senbongenma, I'm sorry for taking so long to post this! I had to mess with the spacing so that it was formatted the same way as the others, and that took a while since it was so long. (Which is not at all a criticism, by the way!) ^^; Thanks so much for your patience!
edward vi is love!
Your username: zephyr_design
Title of the work: Fragile Things
Rating: PG
Genre(s): Drama, Comedy
Character(s): Watanuki, Yuuko
Summary: Yuuko's darker than any monster lurking in the corners.

Fragile Things...Collapse )

Gomen, zephyr_design! You sent this to me ages ago and I forgot to post it. X_x
edward vi is love!
Your username: shimizu_hitomi
Title: Makoto
Rating: PG
Genre(s): drama, angst
Character(s): Hijikata, Soutetsu, Tetsunosuke, the Head
Summary: Hijikata doubts. And a confrontation, or two.

Makoto...Collapse )

Only a few more left to go! ^0^
20th-May-2007 09:53 pm - MBAME Entry #3: More Fun With Two
edward vi is love!
Your username: arahyacinth
Title of the work: More Fun With Two
Rating: G
Genre(s): Fluff. With a side-helping of mild, introspective angst.
Character(s): Sheldon, Kyoko
Summary: Sheldon makes a space in his schedule to take Kyoko to the carnival. Minor AU, due to living arrangements that never happened.

More Fun With Two...Collapse )

The last one for now! Still waiting for the others, which will be posted as I receive them. Who got what will be revealed once all the fics are posted! ^^
edward vi is love!
Your username: bowsergal
Title: Cautious Smile
Rating: G
Genre(s): slight(maybe?) angst.
Character(s): Sephira Arks
Summary: Sephira both looks out over the city and in, towards herself.

Cautious Smile...Collapse )
edward vi is love!
Your username: dropsofviolet
Title: Fishing
Rating: G
Genre(s): humor, friendship
Character(s): Fai, Syaoran mostly
Summary: But the feather was being elusive and Syaoran was beginning to wear under the strain. Fai saw the wrinkles in the corners of his eyes, so before dawn on a rest day, he woke the boy quietly and used gestures to get him to come outside.

Fishing...Collapse )
17th-May-2007 10:52 pm - MBAME: Extensions, anyone?
edward vi is love!
Okay.... Less than two days to go before the deadline, does anyone need an extension? I know of at least two participants who might, and I'm about to send out the reminder emails to everyone else still unaccounted for.

If you need one, please don't hesitate to ask for it! It's really not a big deal. What I'm going to do is post the fics I do have as scheduled, and then post the others as I receive them. I won't reveal who for whom until all fics are posted, though. Some will probably be able to guess, but hopefully it will still be exciting. XD

So let me know! And seriously, don't feel bad. Life happens - I should know, since I'm one of the participants needing an extension. (How sad is that?) X_x
edward vi is love!
Okay, just wanted to check - did everyone get my reminder email? The deadline is coming up and so far I've only received one entry. I'll give everyone until the 18th before I send another reminder to those who have yet to send in theirs, if there are any. (Hopefully there aren't.)

The deadline, for those who've forgotten, is the May 19 @ 11.00 pm EST. Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention this, but when submitting your fanfic(s), please remember to fill out and attach the little submission form from the sign-up post. It makes my job a little easier. ^^;;

And once again, feel free to comment or email me with any questions/problems/concerns/whatever! :3
edward vi is love!
Geez, what a mouthful. Maybe I'll just call it TFEMBAMGE for short. ;) Or maybe MBAME. That's a bit easier.

Anyway, assignments are finally out! My apologies for the delay - as I said in the emails, last week was extremely hectic and I didn't get a chance to go through and match everybody up until today. *sigh* The trials of RL....

If you did not receive your assignment, or if you have a serious problem with it, let me know! My email address is in my userinfo. Also, I forgot to mention this in the email, but if you're feeling bummed that you and your recipient only have one fandom in common, you might want to try asking them (through me) what their other favorites are. Just about everyone listed quite a few fandoms that they would write for, so you may find that you have more in common than it seems.

HOWEVER, if you do discover that you have, for example, the series Saiyuki in common and want to write something from that series for your recipient, I would have to ask that you only do so in addition to your assigned fic. That is, you have to write at least one fic from one of the three fandoms your recipient listed. If afterwards you still want to write one from another of your recipient's favorite series, you can submit both together. I do ask that you still keep to the series that were listed in the sign-up post though, just to keep things fair.

Okay, did that make sense? I've been at this too long. Almost four hours it took me to sort through everyone's sign-up forms and pair people up! Ack. Time for lunch now. :P

So yes, any questions, comments, complaints, problems, whatever - email me! I'll be happy to help. This should be a great exchange, everyone. I'm looking forward to seeing all the fanfics! :D
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